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Life’s challenges often drive us on a quest for answers! When people look at me, they don’t know all the behind the scenes. As a child I had an awesome life, but behind the scenes there was some abuse, some alcoholism, and some family health problems. My Mom died young at 50, and I started the question the root causes of that. At 20, I married into a family with Type 1 Diabetes. I watched parts of that disease snowball into other auto-immune diseases. Then, two of my children also inherited Type 1 Diabetes. In my 30s, I started to notice problems in myself. All this has caused me to make some health shifts that I’ve seen work in my life and the lives of others. Healing begins from the inside out.

This blog is going to be my Quick Start to share what has worked for me, my family, and my friends! These changes did not happen overnight, but I’ve slowly shifted my life to include these elements. Do what you’re led to do that helps you!

The Mind is Powerful Thing

I was talking to the awesome man in my life, and he said we can control our thoughts and think good things. Our thoughts create our reality; our words decree our reality. It’s really important to know our bodies were intricately designed to live. I believe we were designed by a Creator God, in His image according to the Word of God, to function fully. I speak this out loud over my body. Now I’ve met people who think and speak the worst over a stubbed toe. Sad to say, I’ve prayed for people who said out of their mouth, ” I want to die.” And the truth is, they did. It’s important to guard what the mind thinks and what the mouth says. Speak life over your body.

Au Naturale

Au Naturale! Doesn’t that sound sexy! I think going Natural is the yummiest way to do life. In the industrial age (1700 and 1800s), we made many steps to make life easier, and quicker, but with consequences. Many products designed to make life easier can be laced with toxic chemicals, man-made synthetic imitations of the real thing. Natural products were designed by God to work well in your body, and on your body. Fresh food is teeming with enzymes and life!

Keep in mind also how your food is grown. Fruits and Veggies should be grown in Mineral Rich Soil without chemicals or pesticides. Chickens, if you eat chicken, should be free-range organic. Think about the stress of 7000 chickens in boxes in a warehouse; you will eat the stress hormones. Yuck. Have you compared eggs lately? You will notice regular eggs have a very brittle shell and pale yolk; but organic eggs have a super shield shell, and sunshine orange yolk. The difference is unmistakable.

Let’s go au naturale:

  • Eat Fresh; Eat Organic
  • Eat lots of the Colors of the Rainbow Fruits and Veggies
  • Non-GMO; synthesized or genetically modified do more harm than good
  • Avoid Gluten (in America); other nations do not use Round Up poison on their wheat
  • Watch your Cheese; natural cheese only – no mold inhibitor or chemicals
  • If you Dairy – Try Raw Milk; teeming with enzymes and life
  • Organic Yogurt helps the body too; infused with probiotic power; KEFIR is AMAZING
  • Grass Fed Organic Beef, Bison, Free-Range Chicken
  • Probiotics or Kim chi is more powerful that bottle probiotics
  • Avoid Phytic Acid in seeds, nuts, grains, and breads by soaking or sprouting
  • Eat super foods with every meal

Phytic Acid; the Anti-nutrient

I feel like I need to explain the problem of Phytic Acid. All seeds, nuts, and grains have a special coating that protects them that contains Phytic Acid. For many years, we’ve been told to eat raw, to eat with hull intact, to eat brown rice/wild rice, to eat multigrain bread for health. The truth is the outer shell of any nut, seed or grain is often hard to digest and laced with phytic acid. This phytic acid is actually an anti nutrient that leaches nutrients from the food you’re eating, which means if you have nuts, grains, or seeds in some way with each meal, you may not absorb the nutrients you need. There is a question for those allergic to gluten or nuts, that possibly they are very sensitive to phytic acid.

How do we solve the problem of phytic acid? Soaking, sprouting, or fermenting all seeds, nuts, and grains before eating can help. Nuts without the hull are better, such as blanched almonds. Sourdough Bread, due to fermentation, breaks down the phytic acid in the grains. So you can look for Sour Dough Bread, Sprouted Grain Breads, or make your own. There is an awesome company that these sells Sprounted Grain Varieties to make your own bread: Amaranth, Spelt, Rye, Wheat, Oats, Sorghum, and Tapioca.

Kitchen and Bath

If you have the choice, choose natural, beneficial products for your kitchen and bath. For instance, natural, non-toxic dishwasher packs are much safer than chlorinated dishwasher cleaners. Avoiding Aluminum in Kitchen or Bath, helps avoid possibly breast cancer, dementia and Alzheimers, which is linked to aluminum. Natural Cleaners with Essential Oils truly help your house, and your health.

Here’s a list of healthier choices:

Natural Supplements

I believe in Superfoods and Supernutrients are available through the food we eat, as well as through supplements. Our food sources and diets can be deficient in certian enzymes, vitamins, and minerals, so I choose to supplement in certain areas. Aging is related to loss of digestion, free radical damage, and hormone loss. For my own life, I decided to help my body in any way possible through the use of certain supplements.

Here is what I use:

  • Enyzmes; this one thing alone has single handedly changed my life.
  • Thyroid Support; controls metabolism and I feed my thyroid
  • Selenium; helps my body use certain other nutrients
  • Adrenal Support; during my divorce I found the need to support my stress glands
  • Estrogen and Progesterone All natural bio-identical creams; woman stay young
  • Magnesium and Magnesium Oil; Peace and Harmony supplement blood pressure; make your own
  • Umbiquitol; Heart and Blood Pressure
  • Vitamin D3 10,000 plus Sunshine; Supports every function and immune system
  • Allibiotic; when needed to fight colds, virus
  • Your Superfoods; help add massive superfoods to everyday meals and snacks
  • Exercise; it’s a free way to improve every area of your health. Check out Belly Dance Abs. There are tons of other videos to use for exercise as well, Danette May, Leila Isaac, and others.

These are my main quick start tips in one place. I’ll include links to help you, and continue to write about how to improve your outlook on life through Super Foods.

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3 thoughts on “Healing from the Inside Out: Quick Start

  1. I totally agree with you that what you think, and especially what you SAY, will affect the outcomes in your life.  We are, indeed, created by our Lord God, and he wants us to love ourselves just as he loves us.  People do say terrible things, and many times about themselves or their lives.  They say things about how they will “never have” or “never be,” negative things that should never be spoken.  If you think you will, you probably will.  If you know you won’t, you definitely won’t.

  2. I really enjoy the wealth of information that is contained in this article. The different supplements that are natural and keep our bodies in tune was very educational. I didn’t realize any of that until I read this article. Awesome information on how to keep your body healthy and as natural as possible something we really need in this generation.

    1. Thanks so much Cory. Life experience has led me to many of the supplements, which have helped my body be pain free and healthier than ever at 50. My goal is to continue to learn things that help myself and others. 🙂

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