I’m too young to be in pain! My Story

My Story


Over 10 years ago, I made a discovery that absolutely changed my life.

In 2006, as an active Mom with three children, a husband, and a job, my family always ate well and had an Active Lifestyle. In my late thirties, though, I started to notice more aches, pains, and very frustrating symptoms in my body.  My hips and knees radiated with pain.  My kidneys also seems to be backed up and sore. I knew I was too young to be in this kind of pain. I’m not a huge fan of doctors, as I feel they treat the symptoms with long term drugs, rather than addressing the cause. So my search began!


My Friends


In my quest to find answers, some close friends made a suggestion. My friend Christina had struggled with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and she was now  pain free. Jeff and Christina found help through a local Natural Vitamin Store. When they heard what was going on with me, they suggested I get a Live Blood Analysis.

What is Live Blood Analysis? The Bible says “Life is in the Blood”, and blood can tell you a lot about a persons general health, and how the body is functioning. Doctors almost always ask for a blood test. A Live Blood Analysis done by a trained practitioner can tell you several things that doctors don’t always tell you. For Live Blood Analysis, it’s just a finger poke drop of Live blood on a slide. This helps see exactly the blood quality, how much Life is in the Blood!

Live Blood Analysis can help discover the following things:

  • Health of red blood cells
  • Presence of infection
  • Diabetes
  • Parasites
  • Digestion issues – leaky gut
  • Oxygenation of blood
  • Plaque in blood stream

I made my appointment! In the grand scheme of things, I was relatively healthy. BUT I FOUND OUT ONE KEY THING THAT CHANGED MY LIFE! My body was not digesting proteins. I was eating a lot of protein for health and body building, but my body could not digest protein well. Those undigested proteins were showing up in my blood as Uric Acid Crystals. These Uric Acid Crystals were causing my pain and problems.

Check out this image of Uric Acid Crystals in Blood. On the left are normal red blood cells; on the right uric acid crystals have invaded the blood and can be deposited in different parts of the body. YIKES!


High Uric Acid in the Blood can lead to a number of problems and diseases. Any joint pain, back pain, inflammation, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, and kidney problems can stem from high Uric Acid Levels. Here I was in my thirties with knee, ankle, hip and back pain, plus kidney issues which was leading to blood pressure issues, too. So what was causing all this Uric Acid in my blood?

My Solution

When the body is lacking ENZYMES from fresh, raw food, many people are unable to process high protein foods. It turns out in my quest for health, I was eating a ton of protein which my body was not able to metabolize. I was eating a somewhat healthy diet and doing what most doctors (and TV Show hosts) recommend, but it was not helping me. I did not have enough enzymes to process the protein. Unprocessed protein leaks into the gut, causing inflammation around the body, gunky blood, and more.

I could have chosen a RAW FOOD DIET with all ORGANIC PRODUCTS, but as a busy mom I did not have to luxury to make that happen. I was slowly making changes, but I needed to address this problem pronto.

For me, the solution was to take an Enzyme Supplement with any high protein meals. I chose Digest Gold, because it has a super high concentration of the enzymes I need to process protein, and more than most other enzyme supplements. Within a week, my body was PAIN FREE. All my inflammation was gone. My kidneys felt fantastic.

Now, at 50 years old, I am still PAIN FREE. I’m very strong, healthy and PAIN FREE. This is my secret sauce, one of my keys to longevity! If you are struggling with pain, inflammation, leaky gut, kidney or heart issues, you may want to try Enzymes for a week and see if everything changes for you like it did for me.




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