My Journey of Natural Healing for Autoimmune Diseases

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Ten years ago, my friends would all say I was super healthy. They called me the “Salad Queen”. Family, home cooked, meals were very balanced according the “Food Pyramid”. I did have some things right. Other things however were drastically wrong.

The Journey

In August 2008, I had a very disturbing dream. In this dream, I saw my son Samuel laying in bed and a huge syringe that had the face and body of a lady was towering over him. This syringe was piercing my son’s body and he was a great deal of pain. I was very disturbed when I woke up and prayed about the dream.

Not long after that during Labor Day Weekend, we went to Daytona Beach on a family vacation. My son has always been tall and skinny, and actually as gorgeous as a model. At the beach though, I noticed he was very lethargic and very gaunt and skinny. From that day on I was more vigilant about his eating and health. I noticed he was drinking a lot, and getting up at night. He started to have trouble staying focused and doing his homework.

Something told me to check his sugar levels. Because Samuel’s father had Type 1 Diabetes, we had a test called a Keytone Strip. I had my son go to the bathroom and tested him. Sure enough, our health nightmare was beginning. Sam was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and later Low Thyroid. I spent 3 days in the hospital and several doctors appointments after. This meant, barring a miracle, for his entire life he would have to give himself shots of insulin and take thyroid medication and watch his diet and health.

If you were to ask my friends, they would say we were extremely healthy. We ate a very balanced diet with lots of protein, healthy bread, and I was named the “Salad Queen” by many. We exercised. We had fresh air and fun. Nevertheless, autoimmune disease was running rampant in my house.

Skipping ahead a few years, my daughter had always been a bit sensitive to many things. She was skittish, quiet, and creative. Sometimes, she had social issues although she functioned pretty well. She was extremely smart yet child-like. In November 2011, she was very lethargic and sickly. I thought to myself, This can’t be happening again! She was hospitalized with a blood sugar of over 650. She was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and Low Thyroid. She did not handle it nearly as well as her older brother. All of a sudden, she also went on a downward spiral in many other ways. She was depressed and soon started having anxiety and panic attacks. We began to see in her very Asperger’s/Autistic symptoms that we had not noticed in the past. She could no longer handle dance class and performing. She would shut down in school. She eventually had to be pulled out to home school, but even that was difficult. She tested with a very high IQ but was barely functioning educationally. I needed to find solutions and fast!

Thus began my quest to find the underlying cause for these many problems. In my searching, I began to notice a theme in almost every disease: AUTOIMMUNE RESPONSE. It doesn’t matter how healthy we think we are if our body is attacking itself or the food we eat, we are headed for trouble. I’ve also found out that if we repair the immune system, which starts in the gut, we can for the most part enjoy healthy food and a healthy life disease free. Natural healing for autoimmune disease is not only possible, it’s actually the only way to truly heal.

Ten years ago began a journey to Super Food Me that I want to share with you. This website brings answers Super Food Me Style and includes food for the Spirit, Soul, and Body that will strengthen the WHOLE person from the inside out. Small Shifts will bring Big Results. The adventure is still continuing. Will you join me?

Super Food Me

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